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FLO-2D PRO = Comprehensive, Affordable and Easy Flood Modeling

The FLO-2D model was conceptualized in 1986 to predict mudflow hydraulics.  The US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) supported the initial model development and first application to Telluride, Colorado in 1988.  Over the past 30 years, FLO-2D has become the most widely used commercially available flood model.  What sets FLO-2D apart from other hydrologic and hydraulic models is its capability to simulate urban flooding in high resolution and unlimited detail including the storm drain system.  Using elements as small as 10 ft (3 m), FLO-2D is a superior model in terms of volume conservation, speed, numerical stability and detail. FLO-2D is simple to setup and even simpler to edit (no mesh regeneration).  You don’t have to search for the price…there is only one:  A $995/year service agreement for unlimited elements and unlimited computer stations per site.

A subscription to FLO-2D includes:

  • Technical Support
  • Free Training Webinars
  • Model Updates
  • Discount Short Courses
  • Newsletter
  • Training Certificates

One Stop Modeling

The FLO-2D Pro Model is the most comprehensive and affordable 2-D flood routing tool on the market.  You don’t have to search the website or contact us for the hidden price.  It is $995 per year (complete) and we are not ashamed of it.  Compare these urban tools and details with other models (see the list of components below):

  • Full storm drain/surface water interface
  • Channel-storm drain exchange
  • Manhole popping
  • Rainfall/infiltration with spatially varied NEXRAD data
  • Wall and building flow obstruction
  • Building roof runoff, downspout control, parapet walls
  • Wall and levee breach and collapse
  • Building collapse
  • and many more…

FLO-2D Pro is all inclusive package to develop, simulate and map any flood project for a single annual subscription price of $995/yr.  No additional software is necessary.   Install and activate the model system on any number of computers in the office.  No hardware keys or complex server licenses are required.  Model development, flood mapping and animations are done with provided GIS compatible data files and pre- and post-processor programs.

Flood Modeling Components

Hydrology Urban Features
Spatially Variable Rainfall Complete Storm Drain System
Infiltration – Impervious Surfaces Building * Walls / Obstruction * Collapse
Building Roof Runoff Low Impact Development
Overland Components Channel Routing
Spatially Variable Roughness Rectangular * Trapezoidal * Variable Geometry Cross Sections
Froude Number Roughness Adjustment Hydraulic Structures /- Bridges * Culverts * Weirs * Pumps
Rill and Gully Flow Levees and Levee Breach
Dam and Levee Breach Sediment Transport
Mud Flows