FLO-2D Software Packages

Below are download links for the Pro Model and Basic Model. Also included are updates, which require running the activation file after downloading.

The FLO-2D modeling system is very dynamic. Agencies and consultants request new features, enhancements or bug-fixes on a weekly basis. An update may affect the way a data input parameter or switch is utilized in order to add a new feature or option. You must read the Revisions List on the download page to be current with any changes in an update that may impact your model or project.

Updates Posted: August 2017

FLO-2D Pro Model FLO-2D Basic Model FLO-2D v2009 Model
Update Package Update Package Update Package

FLO-2D Documentation

A complete set of documentation files are copied to the user’s computer during installation. If you’ve installed FLO-2D on your computer, you already has these files:

  • Example Projects
  • Lesson Projects
  • Manuals
  • Tutorials
  • White Papers
  • PowerPoint Presentations

The following table shows the folder locations for each product’s documentation and links to some of the reference materials:

FLO-2D Pro and Demo Version
C:\Users\Public\Documents\FLO-2D Pro Documentation
Reference Manuals
White Papers
FLO-2D Basic 2009
C:\Users\Public\Documents\FLO-2D Basic Documentation
Reference Manuals
White Papers
FLO-2D v2009 & older C:\Program Files(x86)\FLO-2D