Software Packages

Download links for the Pro Model and Basic Model.

The FLO-2D modeling system is very dynamic. Agencies and consultants request new features, enhancements or bug-fixes on a weekly basis. An update may affect the way a data input parameter or switch is utilized in order to add a new feature or option. Read the Revisions List on the download page to be current with any changes in an update that may impact your model or project.

Updates Posted: March 2019

FLO-2D Pro Model FLO-2D Basic Model FLO-2D v2009 Model
Update Package Update Package Update Package

FLO-2D Documentation

A complete set of documentation files are copied to the user’s computer during installation. If you’ve installed FLO-2D on your computer, you already has these files:

  • Example Projects
  • Lesson Projects
  • Manuals
  • Tutorials
  • White Papers
  • PowerPoint Presentations

The following table shows the folder locations for each product’s documentation and links to some of the reference materials:

FLO-2D Software
C:\Users\Public\Documents\FLO-2D Pro Documentation
Reference Manuals
White Papers
FLO-2D Plugin QGIS
C:\Program Files(x86)\FLO-2D Pro Documentation