FLO-2D Products

FLO-2D Pro Model

FLO-2D is a dynamic flood routing model that simulates channel flow, unconfined overland flow, and street flow. It can simulate a flood over complex topography and roughness while reporting on volume conservation – the key to accurate flood distribution.

With multiple supportive features, FLO-2D can be your solution. This includes:

  • Site Activation – use on any computer in your office
  • Technical Support
  • Technical Updates
  • Training
  • Webinars

You can access the software through an annual maintenance plan.

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FLO-2D Basic

FLO-2D Basic dynamic flood routing model

FLO-2D Basic is essentially the v2009 model updated and simplified for free distribution. It is a good tool for Demonstrations, students, training, and FIS studies. It is FEMA Approved. A basic model is free but does not include training, webinars or technical support.

FLO-2D Basic can tackle many diverse flooding problems including:

  • River overbank flooding
  • Unconfined alluvial fan flows
  • Urban flooding with street flow, flow obstruction and storage loss
  • Overland progression of tsunami and hurricane storm surges
  • Watershed rainfall and runoff
  • Flood insurance studies
  • Flood mitigation design

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An analysis model for return period rainfall

FreqPlot is a frequency analysis program used to compute return period rainfall and flood peak discharge. It enables a comparison of the data and fitted curves on four probability distribution plots including:

  • Extreme Value
  • Log Extreme Value
  • Normal
  • Log Normal

This comparison permits the user to select the best fitting distribution curve to the data and represents a significant enhancement over the Bulletin 17B method

~ This model was developed by Darde deRoulhac of Payson, Arizona and later revised graphically by HAREC s.r.l. of Rome, Italy.

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