FLO-2D Plugin – QGIS

The FLO-2D Plugin for QGIS is an open source Python plugin.  The plugin can be used with QGIS version 2.18.xx or 3.2.xx 64-Bit.  Get the standalone installer of QGIS 3.2.xx from the Installer.

Warning: Do not use QGIS 3.4. There is a conflict that we must resolve. Should be ok by next week.

Installation Instructions – Once QGIS is installed, add the plugin to the QGIS Python Plugin folder.  Depending on the installation location, the plugin folder might be in the following directories:

  • C:\Users\<user>\.qgis2\python\plugins
  • C:\Program Files\QGIS 2.18\apps\qgis\pythog\plugins
  • C:\OSGeo4W64\apps\qgis\python\plugins

A BETA users manual can be downloaded below.  In the spirit of Open Source software, I’d like to ask your assistance in expanding and making the manual better.  If you find it lacking or incorrect, please edit, comment or both and return it to me.

VersionExperimentalMin QGIS VersionUploaded ByDateManuals
FLO-2D Plugin 3.0yes3.2.xxkobrienOctober 3, 2018User's Manual

Lesson 1 Tutorial

Lesson 1 Data
FLO-2D Plugin 2.4yes2.18.xxkobrienAugust 13, 2018Lesson 1 Tutorial
FLO-2D Plugin 2.3yes2.18.xxkobrienAugust 3, 2018
FLO-2D Plugin 2.0yes2.18.xxkobrienJune 20, 2018
FLO-2D Plugin 1.0yes2.18.xxkobrienJanuary 1, 2018