Product Support

Getting Started Video

Here is a TRAINING VIDEO with some handy information about the FLO-2D Program


Help files, lessons, manuals and example projects are installed to the following directory:
C:\users\public\public documents\FLO-2D Pro Documentation

Installation / Activation

Log into Computer as admin.  Double click “FLO-2D Pro Setup.exe” to install the software. Follow the installation prompts.

An activation file is sent to your email address once you purchase the software.  It is also stored in your TECH SUPPORT ACCOUNT.  If you have not received a tech support account, CONTACT US.

Installation Problems?

Try these testing steps:

  1. GDS Test:
    1. Open GDS – Passes: Goto Step 2.
    2. Missing *.OCX file? Delete the folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\ESRI and Run this patch
    3. Initialization Error? Try this GDS:
    4. Still fails??? Contact Tech Support:
  2. Load Lesson 2
    1. File>>Open Existing FLO-2D Project c:\users\public\public documents\FLO-2D Pro Documentation\Example Projects\Lesson 2 Pro.
    2. Right click any element and click “In/Out Condition…”.
    3. If the dialog box loads, click Cancel.
    4. Test Passed continue to step 3.
    5. Error Message or Crash? Update the FLO-2D Software
  3. Create Grid Layer Test
    1. Click the Grid>>Select>>Select Elements with Polygon.
    2. Click Yes to create a grid layer.
    3. To select elements, click a 3 vertex triangle and Double Click the last vertex.
    4. Elements turn green? Test Passed continue to step 4.
    5. Error Message? Run Patch:
  4. Test Lesson 7
    1. Open Workshop Lessons c:\users\public\public documents\FLO-2D Pro Documentation\flo_help\Workshop Lessons
    2. Follow lesson instructions.
    3. Test Passes if lesson is complete. GoTo Step 5.
    4. Error Message? Run old patch: