Flo-2D Technical Support is just a click away

The purchase of a FLO-2D Pro Subscription Service has 1 year of free technical support. We are happy to address any questions or problems you might have. We suggest that you email us with comments and questions and we will respond as soon as possible usually within 24 hours.

Previous Version Code Error Policy.  Code errors (bugs) will be addressed for only the previous version to the current version. Older versions of the model code are archived and are no longer revised to address errors. Instead, we encourage FLO-2D users to update the model to the current version.

Project Consulting

We will also provide FLO-2D project consulting, review and oversight. Contact us for project consulting rates.

To initiate technical support:

  • Briefly describe the problem or error message.
  • Provide the FLO-2D model version or name along with the Build No. list in the CONT.DAT file.
  • Attach the data files (zipped together) to an email.
  • Do not send output (*.OUT) or other files unless requested.
Phone Support
General Support
Karen O’Brien — contact

FLO-2D Model & General Questions
Jim O’Brien — contact

GDS & Mapper Questions
JJ Rodriguez (English / Spanish) — contact

FLO-2D Model & General Questions
Noemi (English / Spanish) — contact

Documentation Support

FLO-2D Downloads & Documentation Online

Documentation Support